Room Amenities

Toilitries and Towels : Each room has soap and shampoo/conditioner.  Each room has bath towels and make-up removal pads.

Bedding : Each bed has 100% Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases, a wool comforter with a 100% Egyptian cotton comforter cover, and a 100% cotton bedspread. 

Mattresses and Pillows : The Serta cushion-firm plush mattresses provide good comfortable support. Each bed has four pillows; two of the pillows are soft/medium for stomach and back sleepers, and 2 of the pillows are medium/firm for side sleepers.

Television : Each room has a small flat-screen TV with a built-in DVD player.  The TVs receive a dozen digital/HD over-the-air channels.

Technology and Appliances : Each room has free WiFi and old-fashioned alarm clock.  In a drawer in each room there is a sound machine and a hair-dryer.

Air Conditioning - All rooms have a window air conditioner installed from June 15 - September 15.    The average high in Seattle in June is 70, in July and August is 76, and in September is 70.