Link Light Rail

Our regional train system is called Link light rail. The system is currently one line with 15 stations from the Airport, though Downtown Seattle, to Capitol Hill (our neighborhood), and up to the University of Washington. The trains are relatively new, clean, quiet, and fast. We are very forturnate because the Capitol Hill Station is only 2 blocks from the Inn. In order to ride the train, you are required to pay a fare. Security personnel randomly board trains to make sure riders have paid fares. There are 2 options for paying fare :

Use A Credit Card to purchase paper tickets at one of the self-serve kiosks located at each station. Follow the instructions on the kiosk screen to purchase tickets. The ticket price will be $2.25 - $3 depending on the destination station that you select.

Purchase an ORCA card, load money onto it, and use the ORCA card to pay the fare.  When you ride Link light rail trains, "tap" your card once at one of the ORCA card reader stands in the train station before you board the train. "Tap" means to place the ORCA card flat against the card reader screen. This can be confusing. Feel free to take a moment and watch what other commuters are doing. Tapping the card is proof of payment. Failure to tap prior to boarding may lead to a citation. When you reach your destination station, tap again at a card reader at the destination station. Initially, when you tap, the system will charge your card the maximum fare (usually $3) and refund any difference (if warranted) to your card when you've tapped at your destination. For example if the fare was $2.25, the system will refund your card $.75. If two of you are riding the train, and you only have one card, then the 2nd person must use a credit card, or the ORCA card, to buy a paper ticket at a self-serve kiosk. For this reason it might make sense for both of you to buy your own ORCA card instead of sharing one card.