Lyft and Uber

Lyft and Uber are both popular in Seattle.  For pickup at the 11th Avenue Inn, I recommend using the smartphone app Lyft or Uber rather than calling for a taxi.  With Lyft and Uber, arrival time is more predictable and usually faster, the car is cleaner, the driver is often friendly, the fare is paid automatically from your account, and it's easy to get a fare esimate to your destination.  The one case in which it's better to contact a taxi is when arranging for a future scheduled pickup.

If you are in Downtown Seattle and would like a ride back to the Inn, or to another downtown destination, it's often easier to hail a taxi on the street rather than arrange for a Lyft or Uber pickup.  There are many taxis driving around downtown looking for fares. Taxi drivers do seem to know their way around the city better than Lyft and Uber drivers.