Taxi Pickup at the Inn

For better service at a lower price, I suggest using smartphone app Lyft or Uber rather than calling for a taxi.  If you prefer not to use one of those apps, you can arrange for taxi pickup using the suggstions below.

To arrange pickup, call Yellow Cab at 206-622-6500 or Farwest Taxi at 206-622-1717.  We are on a residential side street, and taxis do not drive down our street looking for fares.  You can call from your mobile phone or from the phone in the den in the Inn.  The taxi usually arrives in 3-15 minutes. When you call, ask the dispatcher for the estimated arrival time.  If the taxi doesn't show up in the timeframe the dispatcher told you, you can call back to check status.  Sometimes they will call the phone number you provided when the taxi arrives, sometimes they don't.  It's a good idea to be waiting downstairs so you can see the taxi arrive so that it doesn't arrive and then leave because no customer is there.

Approximate fare from the Inn to the Convention Center is $9, to Pike Place Market is $12, to  the Space Needle is $14, to Amtrak / King Street Station is $14, and to the Airport is $45.

If you would like to schedule taxi pickup ahead of time, for example if you have an early morning flight, you can call the night before to schedule a pickup time. If you are catching a flight or a train, tell the dispatcher. If the taxi does not arrive at the scheduled time, call again to check status.

Hail a Taxi on the Street

If you are Downtown, you will see two types of taxis that you can hail on the streets:

  • Traditional "taxis"  are painted one solid color - yellow, orange, green or white - and have the word "Taxi" on the car. Taxis have a meter and charge a fare based on distance and time.  Normal taxi experience.
  • "For hire" cars are painted two or more colors, do not have the word Taxi or Cab on the car, do not have a meter to track time and distance, and charge a flat rate based on an agreed upon price.

Although I prefer to hail the traditional taxi, so that I don't need to agree to a price, I usually take whichever car I see first.  It is my experience that the For Hire drivers do not overcharge, and their offered price is usually similar to the traditional Taxi fare.

Approximate fare to the Inn from the Convention Center is $9, from Pike Place Market is $12, from the Space Needle is $14, from Amtrak / King Street Station is $14, and from the Airport is $45.